Kon moción

In 2013 Kon moción broadens its scope by beginning to work with people with chronic illness and/or disability, creating the project Bailar desde quienes somos (Dancing from who we are). This project confirms the association’s commitment to helping society through dance. Dancing from who we are is trying to break down barriers, bring dance to everyone, and discover the dances that are sometimes hidden behind our limitations in order to find languages that bring people together.

The project begins with the creation of a dance program in the Navarran Association of Multiple Sclerosis (ADEMNA), Danza para la salud (Dancing for Health), where many dancers from Kon moción have participated. In 2014 Siegel begins another dance program in the Navarran Association for Parkinson (ANAPAR). And in 2015 she begins to work with "Lua", the dance group affiliated with the Association of persons with physical disability of the Ribera of Navarra AMIMET. Students from these classes also attend periodically Kon moción’s regular classes in Huarte, helping the dream of integrated dance become reality.