Kon moción

Sobre ruedas - Freewheeling

The result of the collaboration between Becky Siegel and AMIMET, this project aims to get a step closer to integrating people of different capacities through dance. Siegel has brought together the wheel-chair dancers of the group Lua of AMIMET and the dancers of Kon moción to create a performance that celebrates difference and explores the richness of possibilities that arise from this coming together.

Somewhere in between choreography and improvisation, Siegel proposes a dance that is at the same time process and product, that leaves the dancers free to discover, to play, to risk, while the choreography emerges.

Sobre ruedas is about realtionships; about the balance between holding on and letting go; about the wheelchair as a known object as well as one to discover. It is a production of Kon moción in collaboration with AMIMET and with the support of the Patronato de Cultura of Zizur Mayor. The debut is June 3rd in the Casa de Cultura de Zizur Mayor.

Premiere on June 3, 2016
Casa de Cultura de Zizur Mayor