Kon moción

El baile de los años

The Dance of the Years is an intergenarational dance work. It is part of Ados Theatre’s project Human Rights on Stage, in collaboration with the Auditorio de Barañáin and Kon moción, with support from the Caixa’s program “Art for Change”.

With a cast that spans the ages from 10 to 80, including profesional dancers from Kon moción, Becky Siegel creates a choreography that speaks about the meeting of our past and our future, of the paths that we have walked, of the dance that is our lives.

The Dance of the Years is opening a dialogue between generations in order to examine the difficulties faced by the elderly and to help overcome the separation of people of different ages in our society. This project is about the process as much as the finished work, which will be performed on March 2, 2018 in the Auditorio de Barañáin.




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