Kon moción

Maneras de ver (Ways of seeing)

Maneras de ver

A project of Kon moción in collaboration with the National Organization of Blind People of Spain

Maneras de ver aims to discover a new dance, that which exists beyond the merely visual. We are looking for the dance of sensations, of the words that describe the action, thereby allowing it to be seen in the imagination.

Beginning in January of 2019 the dancers of Kon moción will work with people with visual disability to create a dance piece that can even be perceived by people in the audience that also have visual disability.

We will explore perception, reflect upon the tyrany of the visual, and we will aim to comprehend different ways of seeing.

This project has been selected to receive a grant from Innova Cultural, a new joint iniciative of Caja Navarra and the Caixa to support cultural projects that have a social impact.

The debut will be in april of 2019


Fundación Cajanavarra