Kon moción

Tempus in templo

"To organize a space is to repeat the paradigmatic work of the gods."
Mircea Eliade

Tempus in templo Tempus in templo is a modern dance piece set to early sacred music. It was first performed in Pamplona in May 2019, the star project of the Coral de Cámara de Navarra, with David Guindano as conducter. It was a finalist in the prestigious GEMA Prizes for Innovation and Creativity in Early Music.

The dance enters the early music as if it were a space, a space to be discovered, experienced, choreographed. The modernity of the dance idiom and the timelessness of this music that has lasted through the centuries do not only coexist in time and space but mutually enhance each other.

The work explores the architecture of the music, of the body, and of the choreographic composition, while the dancers travel smoothly between the divine and the human, between the abstract and the mundane, until we come to feel the universality of a mother’s pain for the loss of her son, and the need to overcome that pain.

The Coral de Cámara hopes to bring the full versión with live music to cathedrals, monasteries and Early Music festivals throughout Spain and Kon moción offers a version for theatres with taped music. In either case the early music audience will have a chance to begin to enjoy modern dance, the dance audience can discover this universal music, and the general public can enjoy the happy meeting of these two lanuages.